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Why does bitcoin have value and why its value will increase in long term?

Why does bitcoin have value and what are bitcoin advantages?

  Problems with understanding the value of bitcoin I am sure even if you are not a tech guy or a bitcoin investor that you have heard on the news about its high increase in value the last years. You Read more…

How to buy bitcoin

Here are some trusty sites and how to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies: https://www.coinbase.com Founded on 2012 and based in USA with 20million+ users and more than 150 billion traded.Use the certain link so we can both get $10 free Read more…

What is bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital form of money (exists on internet) and it isn’t controlled or backed by a specific goverment or business.Instead the accuracy and the safety of network is backed by thousands of people/companies that use their computers (or Read more…