Back in February of 2018 i had a discussion with a friend about bitcoin. I had heard the term but didn’t know much. In my eyes was something very expensive and risky to involve. In some part of our chat, my friend mentioned that there are many thousands of cryptocurrencies except bitcoin. This fact drew my attention since i realized that there is a big industry behind what i thought that was a just a digital game currency for nerds.

After the discussion, i spent the next days researching on google about bitcoin and in general for cryptocurrencies matters. I was overly excited about this new world and except google search, i watched many youtube videos,¬†participated in groups, forums¬†and bought a book (Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond). The 3 aspects i am very interested are: – Investment part (you need to be very careful if you decide to invest) – The overall community and discussions (telegram groups, reddit , rest of social media) – Technology evolution. To be totally honest of course the investment part was the first one on the list but really the whole ecosystem is very interesting despite that fact that includes many financial risks too.

Here is my profile on linkedin if you would like to connect with me. My name is Dionysios (Dennis for friends).